Military Green Steel Storage Box (.50 Cal)

Save 52%

AIRTIGHT AND WATERTIGHT - Front latch that keeps air out and a rubber seal gasket under lid to keep water out. Airtight box keeps the moisture out to protect your gear extending its lifetime.

ORGANIZE UNITS – Able to store and hold up to 24 units, this high-capacity storage lets you fill it up with units quickly and efficiently.

HOME AND RANGE CONVENIENCE – Keeping things organized not only helps protect your equipment, it makes it easier to access each one during drills or safety needs.

HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE FOAM – Foam inserts are premium military-grade foam that’s chemical and oil resistant. High-quality holders to fit a .50 Cal with soft foam lid for top and bottom protection.

PRE-CUT FOR QUICK, SEAMLESS ACCESS – Our foam holder inserts already feature 7/8” x 1.5” cutouts which makes it easier to install.

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