Nut Hugger Bucket Tool Organizer

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MULTIPURPOSE TOOL ORGANIZER BAG – The Nut Hugger multi tool bag 0rganizer was designed to slip into a work bucket and turn into a hands-on toolbox, so you can keep tools neat and organized.

GRAB-AND-GO PROJECT SUPPORT – This versatile bucket tool organizer is a great hand tool bag to be used as a maintenance tool bag, electrician tool bag, garden tool bag, mechanics tool bag, and more.

RUGGED, HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL – Our tool caddy organizer is crafted with a premium polyester canvas fabric that offers industrial-grade strength, so you don’t have to worry about rips or tears on the job.

QUICK-ACCESS INTERIOR LOOPS – Inside each tool bucket bag you’ll find three loops that can be used to hang and store long-handled tools such as hammers, drills, mallets, pipe wrenches, and more.

BUCKET COMPATIBILITY – Nut Hugger portable tool bag can be used with a wide range of 5-gallon buckets, even with long handles, so you can create a more accessible toolbox you always need on the spot.

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